Thanks to our customer ServiceBip experienced a  success in a record time! A comprehensive market research of their innovative products and available resources allowed the preparation of a global, harmonious, consistent and effective communication strategy.


What we have done for ServiceBip?
  • Domain names registration for an international market such as .com, .es, .fr, .se, .ci, .ma, etc.
  • Graphic design and website hosting.
  • Online shop with Paypal payment gateway creation
  • Professionals e-mail accounts provision, like info @
  • Logo, graphics and branding design.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization for Google, Yahoo, etc.).
  • Filming and editing a showcase video of their system in real situation.
  • Complete creation of a cartoon and a character for the brand ServiceBip.
  • Paper support design and printing: business cards, brochures, flap pocket folders, presentation sheets by activity, instruction manuals for their products, toothpicks wallets, innovative advertising media.
  • Content writing for paper and web supports.
  • Multilingual translation (French, English, Spanish and Swedish)
  • Creation and running social networks pages: Facebook & YouTube.



What is ServiceBip™?

ServiceBip™ is the leader in developing wireless calling devices that will improve considerably the service offered to your clients. They are efficient and simple solutions for all service industries such as hotels, restaurants, beach resorts, casinos, spas, shopping centers, golf resorts, private hospitals, retirement homes, shops, etc.

Wherever your clients are, simply place the ServiceBip where suitable and anybody who needs a service can easily contact you by simply pressing one of the buttons.

Put the ServiceWatch on your wrist. Whenever a client presses the button “Call” or “Bill” on the calling device, you are immediately notified on the ServiceWatch™. According to your settings, a number will appear on the screen and the last 10 received calls will remain in the memory so they can be easily managed. Once the call has been treated, you can either cancel it directly from the watch or on the calling device itself.